Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rally for Concerned Photographers

On Sunday, August 29 I attended a protest rally in Sydney. Nick Rains and Ken Duncan are leaders of a group called Arts Freedom Australia and had approximately 1000 photographers turn up near the Opera House to protest against all the permits, restrictions and general bad attitudes shown towards bone fide photographers by administrators and officials these days.

The weather was great and from the images below you can see it was a friendly affair. There were young and old as well as Peter Harvey from Sixty Minutes. There was the usual collection of protest banners as well as colourful characters. All in all a thought provoking event.

Ken Duncan spoke about Peter Dombrovskis and his photograph Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River. I was surprised to see this image in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) a couple of hundred metres away from the protest. I popped into Ken's gallery on the way to Darling Harbour and there was a good crowd of people from the rally there. Was this a subtle form of advertising. I must admit that he had really bumped up the saturation in his prints in the gallery.

I was talking to a visitor from Queensland about having to pay National Parks for images that you sell that were taken in them. He asked how would they know they were taken in a National Park. I said that most National Parks people would know most of the features in their parks. Later in MOMA I saw a photograph of an obscure river bend in Tasmania and I could point you to exactly where it was. It was here: Derwent River. I think most people interested in photography remember interesting environments as this was.