Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mushroom Rock, Kalbarri Western Australia

Mushroom rock is just south of Kalbarri in Western Australia. The coastline is rocky and quite an interesting area for landscape photography. When I visited the rock there was a 1–2 metre surf hitting the rocks. Having taken photographs in areas like this before I was aware of the potential for being caught by rogue waves. The rocks can be slippery so I chose a spot that was dry and was away from the wave zone – or so I thought.
I had taken about 30–40 shots of the waves crashing on the rock and was getting into a pattern trying to predict when to take the best image. Suddenly I looked up and I saw a wave behind the rock and I thought to myself, that looks big. It kept getting bigger and I thought it might be sensible to get a bit higher.  I hopped on to a higher ledge and saw the wave crashing in as it came closer to me. The wave chased me 30 metres or so up the rocks.
There have been a number of people drown after being caught by rouge waves particularly rock fishing. It was a good reminder how dangerous these places can be even on a calm morning.
Here are some images of the Kalbarri coastline and Mushroom Rock.